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Travel Through Hyperspace With Star Wars Power Metal VIS MYSTICA’s “Beyond The Gates Of Fury”

Travel Through Hyperspace With Star Wars Power Metal VIS MYSTICA’s “Beyond The Gates Of Fury” Off “Celestial Wisdom”

ft. guests Ty Christian (Lords of the Trident), David Michael Moote (Operus), Jonas Heidgert (Dragonland)

- Produced by Chad Anderson (Helion Prime) -

“Celestial Wisdom” Out December 2nd

Vis Mystica is Star Wars-themed power metal coming from the mind of Pennsylvania’s Connor McCray, a massive fan of the franchise. So far, all of his lyrics have been his retelling of the Dawn of the Jedi comics from Dark Horse Comics, and the first compilation of songs is ready for the galaxy in the debut EP “Celestial Wisdom” via Dark Star Records on December 2nd. Three singles have already been released and the fourth, “Beyond the Gates of Fury” is being presented now in lyric video format. The band comments on the single:

“The final song on the EP is, fittingly, the most “furious”. Fury deals with the final battle between the Rakatans and Tythonians and culminates with the fulfillment of the prophecy that was first spoken of in “Lux Et Veritas”. This is the end of our first tale but leads directly into the next story arc we will be writing about.”

Vis Mystica was initially formed by McCray, in late 2015 as a creative outlet to pursue his passion for symphonic power metal while he was still a member of a blackened death metal band at the time. It took nearly five years for the band to get off the ground but really began to pick up steam once McCray discussed it with his friend and bandmate Devin Dewyer. Once they realized the chemistry between them, they got to work on producing this initial EP.

“Celestial Wisdom” is a fantastical journey into a world full of mystic powers and sprawling landscapes, with a classic “Good vs. Evil” battle, many memorable locations, and detailed stories.

Vis Mystica is recommended for Star Wars fans and those who like Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden and Bal-Sagoth. They also have a crowdfunding campaign set up for the EP.

“Beyond the Gates of Fury” is available at​

Find the band online

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