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The Frst kicks off summer with punchy new single, “Bruce Lee,” featuring Kellin Quinn and Bronnie

Nashville-based, alt-rock outfit The Frst is premiering a new track, “Bruce Lee,” featuring Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens) and Bronnie.

. The Frst’s third single of a sonically ambitious year, “Bruce Lee” oozes a gritty, party-rock eclecticism that bridges the divide between the polished pop and aggressive, industrial territories explored by recent releases. Genre-bending and cohesive while remaining markedly uncontrived, the song sits confidently among alternative anthems from the reaches of My Chemical Romance to OutKast—and not an ounce of substance was sacrificed amid such punk rock sensibilities.

“The idea was to sing a song about feeling isolated, but in a way that brought people together,” explains singer/songwriter Mikei Gray. “[We] sort of realized that we all feel the same.”

Find The Frst online:

Check the song out below:

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