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Matt Warren's Latest Release "Flight at the End" Offers a Glimpse into Upcoming Concept Album

Matt Warren, the musical maestro known for his versatility in instrumentation and vocals, has just dropped his latest single, "Flight at the End," setting the stage for his forthcoming concept album, "Excited to Die."

Intriguingly, Jools Holland once sought Matt's autograph after witnessing his captivating live performance.

"Flight at the End," the fourth track on the album, delves into the world of conspiracy theories and their potential impact on humanity's fate. Matt Warren's unique blend of music and meaningful lyrics promises a thought-provoking listening experience.

"Excited to Die" explores a range of subjects, offering insight into the depths of contemplation that arise when time stretches endlessly. A friend's response after listening to the album was simply, "Are you alright?" - a testament to the album's depth.

Find Matt Online:

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