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Groundbreaking Indonesian trio Voice Of Baceprot release new single 'PMS'

Feminist anthem about smashing career stereotypes

Groundbreaking Indonesian trio Voice Of Baceprot return with their triumphant new single 'PMS'.

'PMS', short for perempuan merdeka seutuhnya ("completely independent women") is an anthem for the ages. The single celebrates women who are breaking stereotypes and boundaries in all forms.

The origin of 'PMS' came from conditions close to Voice Of Baceprot's background, when the band members still lived in their village in rural Indonesia.

A conservative community, there are few career options for women after school - by choosing a career in music, Voice Of Baceprot have been marked by some as an anomaly or rebel in their community. 'PMS' is then a solidarity call for all women who face the same problems but march on regardless, to keep doing what they love.

The new single cements the group's position as one of the most exciting musical voices from Southeast Asia, and follows their huge performance at Wacken Open Air 2022, among other European festivals this summer.

The all-female trio Voice Of Baceprot have made headlines globally with their music, a fresh take on metal, rap-rock, and funk metal. Formed in 2014 in school in rural Indonesia, the three schoolgirls - Marsya (vocals and guitar), Widi (bass), andSitti (drums) - aged 14, began a musical revolution.

Initially drawn to covers of System Of A Down, Rage Against The Machine, Metallica, and Slipknot among others, Voice Of Baceprot soon found their unique authentic voice. True to their name, given 'Baceprot' in Sundanese translates as 'loud'.

Voice Of Baceprot's debut video, 2018's 'School Revolution', their thrash-funk metal amalgam, has gathered nearly two million views. It is a searing track, raising awareness about the inequality of education, and helped fully stamp VOB's name on the global map. Since then, the group have gone from strength to strength, releasing follow up singles 'God, Allow Me (Please) to Play Music', and 2022's '[NOT] PUBLIC PROPERTY'. Since their formation, Voice Of Baceprot's Marsya, Sitti, and Widi have been using their music to build their voices as activists and to raise awareness of the violations of women's rights globally. Their activism is only increasing and becoming more powerful as the trio age. This is reflected in the single '[NOT] PUBLIC PROPERTY', released in conjunction with the WoW Foundation and Indonesian crowdfunding platform Kitabisa to collect donations for victims of sexual violence and abuse. Voice Of Baceprot are:

Marsya (vocals, guitars)

Widi (bass)

Sitti (drums)


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