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Becko Fights Inner Demons In Nu-Metal Single "EAT ME, DRINK ME!"

Continuing his trek down the deep dark rabbit hole, Italian multi-genre producer, musician and vocalist Marco Calanca, also known as Becko, returns with the sixth installment of his upcoming '90s-inspired concept album 'Present Day//Present Time' with "EAT ME, DRINK ME!".

The turbulent story began with "Home" and continues in "EAT ME, DRINK ME!" as Becko faces his inner demons. Becko’s signature screaming vocals intertwine with aggressive guitars encompassing the angst-ridden high-octane soundscape. Fusing break-core with rock and nu-metal, Becko continues the plight of a man being tormented from the inside out.

"Eat me drink me is a dark break-core track with aggressive metal riffs," says Becko. "The song is about a deep talk with inner demons that wanna eat you alive."

"EAT ME, DRINK ME!" is out now from independent multi-genre label FiXT.

Rising from the ashes of post-hardcore band Hopes Die Last, Italian multi-genre producer, musician, and vocalist Marco Calanca created Becko as a solo project, uniting influences of EDM, Hip-Hop, Industrial, and Emo-Rock.

With previous releases under his belt with labels ranging from Warner Italy and Universal Italy, to Monstercat, Lowly Palace, and Smash the House since 2014, Becko found a new home in early 2020, signing a multi-album deal with the independent, artist-owned/operated USA-based electronic-rock label FiXT, founded by genre-pioneering artist & producer Klayton (Celldweller, Circle of Dust).

In 2020, Becko released the full-length album INNER SELF, as a triumphant fusion of trap & metal. In 2021 Becko released a flurry of singles including "Darkest Days" which was produced by Mike Shinoda all on the path leading up to the release of his second full-length trap-metal album with FiXT, You Are (Not) Alone, which dropped in early 2022. Becko introduced his latest 90s-inspired concept album Present Day//Present Time with the release of "Home" and continues to build towards the full album release in 2023.

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