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wht.rbbt.obj to release highly anticipated EP 'Whiskey Hotel Tango'

After a year of touring, opening for some amazing bands (Eve6, MoonWalker), playing regional and national festivals (SXSW, Milwaukee’s Summerfest), wht.rbbt.obj is excited to announce the launch of their first highly-anticipated EP "Whiskey Hotel Tango." This EP marks a significant milestone in the band's artistic journey, as it will be the first in a trilogy of EP’s promising to showcase the band's diverse musical influences.

Lead single 'No Rainbows In Indiana' is out now,

Bluesy, Smoky, Sexy, and Raw. wht.rbbt.obj ("White Rabbit Object") is a "femme fatale" fronted, guitar driven alternative rock outfit from Chicago, Illinois

Find the band online:

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