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What I'm Listening to with..... Fortune Teller

Welsh Pop-Punk quintet Fortune Teller unleash their debut EP 'Premonitions' this month.

We caught up with the band ahead of it's release for a chat about what they're listening to :)

Hi Chaps, thanks for chatting to us today!

What was the last song you listened to?

“Arms Length - Garamond”

Do you listen to your own songs when you’re driving or working out?

For us, listening to mixes or demos in the car is pretty essential, whether on the way to work or at the gym. With our hectic schedules, we make every effort to fit in band work whenever we can. plus the occasional spin for vibes

You’re in a club or venue and one of your tracks comes on what do you do?

"If one of my tracks comes on while I'm in a club or venue, I might feel a bit shy at first. I'd probably try to blend in with the crowd and silently appreciate the moment from a distance. But deep down, I'd be incredibly proud and excited, even if I'm too shy to show it outwardly."

What were you listening to when you were 13?

When we were 13, we was blasting early days pop punk bands like Blink-182, Sum 41, Bowling For Soup and many others on repeat. Their energetic tunes fueled our teenage angst and provided the soundtrack to our rebellious years. Their lyrics spoke to many of the struggles and emotions a lot of us were going through at the time. Those bands were more than just music to us they were a lifestyle and a community that we felt a part of."

What are you listening to at the moment that we should check out?

Our taste in music is incredibly diverse, making it nearly impossible to list them all. However, some standout picks include The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, Arms Length, Hot Mulligan, and Neck Deep. Each of these bands brings something unique to the table, and their music resonates with us on different levels, creating a vibrant tapestry of sounds and emotions in our playlists."

What one song instantly makes you smile when you hear it?

The song from "The Story So Far," titled "Mount Diablo," is the one that instantly brings a smile to our face whenever we hear it. Its energetic rhythm and raw vocals have this infectious quality that fills us with excitement every time it plays

What is your guilty pleasure?

As a pop-punk band, our guilty pleasure is diving into the realm of classic '90s alternative rock. While we're known for our energetic punk anthems, there's something about the raw authenticity and rebellious spirit of '90s rock that we can't resist.

What album do you always listen to all the way through?

The album I always listen to all the way through is Blink-182's self-titled album, often referred to as their untitled album. From start to finish, it's a journey filled with a perfect blend of punk energy, introspective lyrics, and experimental sounds. Each track seamlessly flows into the next, creating a cohesive listening experience that I can't get enough of.

Whether it's the catchy hooks of "Feeling This," the emotional depth of "I Miss You," or the raw energy of "Easy Target," every song on the album has its own unique charm that keeps me hooked from beginning to end. It's one of those rare albums where I never feel the need to skip a single track because each one adds something special to the overall vibe.

What track would you like to cover?

The track we would love to cover is "Untitled" by Knuckle Puck from their album ''Copacetic''. The energy and passion in the song are palpable, and we would love the opportunity to put our own spin on it and bring it to life in our own style as a band.

What track do you wish you had written?

Probably "Anthem Part Two" by 'Blink-182. it's one of those songs that just sticks with you long after you've listened to it. The way it captures the feeling of youthful rebellion and defiance is masterful, and we admire the way Blink was able to tap into that emotion so effectively. As songwriters, we can only imagine the satisfaction of creating a song that resonates with so many people on such a deep level.

Thanks for chatting to us today, really looking forward to hearing the EP!

Premonitions is released on 29th March you can presave HERE

Find Fortune Teller online:

Watch the video for the single 'Jump Ship' below:

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