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What I'm Listening to with Vin Proxima

Marooned alien artist ‘Vin Proxima’ releases their latest Pop-Punk single ‘Michael Chiklis After All’, recently. Prophesied to be the saviour of our galaxy with the weight of the world on his shoulders ‘Vin Proxima’ decided that this task sounded like a lot of effort and chose to play music instead, eventually creating a song he thought was “pretty ok”.

We caught up with the intergalactic artist for a chat about what he's been listening to!

Hi Vin, Thanks for chatting to us today!

What was the last song you listened to?

The Doobie Brothers - What a Fool Believes

Do you listen to your own songs when you’re driving or working out?

Actually yes because I mix all of my own stuff so I have to do the car test A LOT, but no I don’t work out.

You’re in a club or venue and one of your tracks comes on what do you do?

Ask them to change it to What a Fool Believes by The Doobie Brothers.

What music most comes to mind when you think of growing up?

When I was a very small man Eagles - Hotel California, that was something my parents played non-stop. London Beat - I’ve Been Thinking About You was always on TV, all of the Powerline songs from A Goofy Movie are fire and any 8bit music from the OG Nintendo.

What are you listening to at the moment that we should check out?

TAKE A CHANCE - DOMi & JD BECK (feat. Anderson .Paak)

Olivia - Wolves of Glendale

ANABOLIC SPUDSMAN (THIQUE EDITION) - Bilmuri, Spencer Stewart, Will Ramos

What one song instantly makes you smile when you hear it?

You Can Call Me Al - Paul Simon

What is your guilty pleasure?

I don’t really have any musically, good tune’s a good tune. But fast food always.

What album do you always listen to all the way through?

Based On A True Story - The Starting Line

What track would you like to cover?

There’s quite a few, I’m working on kind of a Stevie Wonder style cover of Cherish by Madonna at the moment, I also did a 200+ BPM fast as hell cover of “You’re The Inspiration” by Chicago but I’ve got to figure out all the BS you gotta do to release them and make sure all of the royalties are going to the right people first.

Thanks for chatting to us today Vin, it's been a pleasure! Some great tracks mentioned there as well and some new stuff for us to check ou.t.

Make sure you check out the hilarious video for 'Michael Chiklis after All'

Find Vin Proxima Online:

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