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What I'm Listening to with River Knight

South Coast Duo 'River Knight' have been creating music since 2017, with Darren using writing music as a form of therapy after the tragic early passing of his wife to cancer. Following on from their charity release 'Heavens Door' the band's latest album 'Grow' was recorded entirely remotely through covid.

We grabbed Darren and Mark for a chat about all things music!

What was the last song you listened to?

Mark: Oh dear - 1980’s Sperm Donor by Wretched Pinhead Puppets, a little known band on a playlist I’m playing right now.

Darren: Changes by David Bowie. I’m thinking about learning it and then pushing Mark to learn it too. We do enjoy playing the odd cover here and there.

Do you listen to your own songs when you’re driving or working out?

Darren: Oh for sure. Not only our own songs, but yeah, I definitely do sometimes listen to our music when I’m driving.

Mark: This one’s a bit difficult for me to answer. You see, I don’t drive and I don’t put headphones on when I’m cycling - safety first kids. And on top of that, I’m not a worker outerer.

Darren: I don’t work out either. Have you seen us? We don’t need to work out hahaha.

Mark: We probably should work out, but I just feel the beer would counteract it hahaha.

You’re in a club or venue and one of your tracks comes on. What do you do?

Mark: Depends at what point of the evening it is hahaha.

Darren: Hahaha - OK then, explain.

Mark: Well, if it was early on I’d just carry on drinking my beer with a big smile on my face. If it was halfway through the evening and I was a bit lubricated then I may get on the dancefloor. If it was towards the end of the evening I’m gonna jump around like a lunatic hahaha.

Darren: That’d be fun to see hahaha. I may even join you, although if they played ELOPE or SHADES THAT HIDE THE SUN you’d look like a dick jumping around hahaha.

What music most comes to mind when you think of growing up?

Darren: Eighties stuff. Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet,

Mark: The Weather Girls?

Darren: Hahaha piss off.

Mark: Heavy metal and rock for me. Iron Maiden, Motorhead, GnR, Crue, bla bla bla. But at the same time I could go a little further back and it’d be Madness, The Specials, and Adam and the Ants.

What are you listening to at the moment that we should check out?

Mark: All the usual suspects, but I’m also listening to a young rapper named Lagon - he’s quite the wordsmith.

Darren: I’m loving Haim, can’t recommend them enough.

What one song instantly makes you smile when you hear it?

Darren: Far too many so I’ll pick one at random. Club Tropicana.

Mark: He’s right, there’s so many. But to name one, how about Prowler by Iron Maiden.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Darren: That last answer brings me nicely onto this. My guilty pleasure is Wham! And I don’t care who knows.

Mark: Hot Chocolate for me. Can you picture a headbanger listening to The Almighty, Pearl Jam, Anthrax, etc, but also loving Hot Chocolate? Errol’s stories are brilliant.

What album do you always listen to all the way through?

Darren: Elbow - Asleep In The Back. That must be heard all the way through.

Mark: Anything and everything by Pink Floyd, but let’s narrow it down and say all their albums between 1971 and 1979.

What track would you like to cover?

Mark: Funnily enough we’ve just been looking at a couple of covers to add to the set. I’d love to do Living On An Island by Status Quo. And before people scoff at that, check the song out, it’s not the same style as they settled on further in their career.

Darren: I’ve just suggested Changes by Bowie. Should be playing them by the time we do a couple of festival slots in April.

Thanks for chatting to us guys, it's been fun!

Mark: Very nice chat, and some good questions.

Darren: Yep, thanks for having us.

You're very welcome! Mentioning Madness in an interview is always a winner!!

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