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Singer Songwriter Joe Bygraves releases new single ‘Someone Else’

Joe Bygraves is a 27-year-old singer-songwriter from Bedfordshire. His soft guitar and singable lyrics have made him a rising star on the local music scene, and has played to crowds of thousands at summer music events in the UK.

The new single, ‘Someone Else’ combines anthemic guitar and soaring vocals to create a moody but memorable ballad, it's gorgeous and we love it!

In 2020, when the UK’s venues were shuttered, Joe was selected to write and perform the official campaign anthem of the #WeMakeEvents movement, ‘Stand As One’. Joe worked tirelessly to represent the plight of the music and entertainment industry during the coronavirus pandemic. Culminating in a riverboat concert alongside Frank Turner and Mark King (of hit 80s band Level 42), the campaign was a wild ride for Joe, with ‘Stand As One’ mixed at the famous Abbey Road studios, and accompanying music video shot at Camden’s legendary Roundhouse.

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