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My Inspirations with.... zacthelocust

South Wales newcomers, ZACTHELOCUST, have arrived with their anthemic new single, Hold On and we love it.

They are going to be one of the most exciting bands of 2024.

We sat down with them to chat about the things that inspire them and how they got into music.

Hello guys, thanks for chatting to us today...

Can you remember what performance or artist you saw that made you want to be a performer?

Cory: I remember my parents showing me the Queen performance at live aid, seeing Freddie Mercury with the charisma and oozing the confidence. That there made me want to pursue music.

Rob: As a bass player Flea from the Red hot chilli peppers for me always inspired me. I just love the energy he gives off and the amount he puts into a performance, band wise I would have to say Rush in general not a particular performance but everything they do is magic

Keryn: Billie Joe Armstrong playing at Woodstock 1994, the one with the mud fight. I just thought yes!! I want to do that!!

Archie: It was my first gig my dad took me to see, The Automatic in Cardiff. I was 13 I think and I just remember being blown away with it all. I was really into The Automatic at the time and we managed to get to the front of the stage. I was amazed with the amount of effect pedals the guitarist had I could feel the drums and feel the bass like being punched in the chest and all of them going crazy on stage I loved every second of it, that's what made me want to perform.

Ash: ‘twas 1995, 50th Anniversary of V.E day, a sunny evening and the street party was in full swing at Pritchard street, Tonyrefail. My dad’s band playing and sun was gleaming on his mirrored finish Remo kit (should have never of sold it). They took a break in between half’s and 5 year old me saw my opportunity, I jumped up behind his drum kit and after just 5mins I knew, this is what I want to do with my life.

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration musically?

Keryn: The Beatles and Green day.

Archie: There are way too many to choose from but if I had to pick one I would probably go with Blink-182.

Cory: Coming from the previous question again i would have to say Queen and Freddie Mercury. Also growing up Green Day were a big inspiration to the vocal I (attempt to) pull off, haha

Ash: there quite a few but the biggest would have to be Neil Peart.

Rob: My father, he always pushed for me to be in a band and a lot of my influences come from the music I was brought up on that he listened to

How often do you write music?

Keryn: I'm always doodling lyrics or coming up with riffs and melodies, whenever there’s a guitar in my hands basically, which is most days.

Rob: It’s an ongoing process constantly, depends on what we are doing currently but there’s new things being written every 2 months I would say when we are not recording.

Ash: quite often, there is often ideas floating around between us which we add bits too or rewrite parts, I try to sit down and write whenever I’ve got the time.

Archie: Not as often as I should. I do try and play my guitar every day, whether it's playing some covers or ZTL songs but I do try and write songs a couple times a month.

If you could learn a new instrument what would it be?

Keryn: Piano, I love the use of piano in rock music.

Ash: Theremin or piano, I’m a fan of StarTrek and Ray Charles.

Rob: Jazz Flute

Cory: Would love to pick the guitar back up, after joining the band and seeing the guys shred it makes me wanna get back behind the ol 6 string.

Archie: It would definitely be piano for me I don't really know why just always loved the thought of walking up to a piano and busting out a song any song lol.

What one song do you wish you’d written?

Keryn: All the small things by Blink 182.

Cory: Time of your life by green day, that song hits me like a new track every time.

Ash: The Pogues - Fairytale of New York

Archie: John Lennon Imagine

Rob: Layla Eric Clapton

If you could duet with one person - dead or alive - who would it be and what song would you want to do?

Keryn: John Lennon, Twist and Shout.

Cory: Billy Joe for me also, can you sense a trend here with us all. Haha

Rob: I’m not much of a duet guy really but if it was a band collaboration, I would love to be on stage with the the foo fighters

Archie: Kurt Cobain has always been a massive influence on me. I would love to jam any Nirvana song with him

Ash: Hmmm a very tough decision but Foo Fighters - All my Life or Rush - The Spirit of radio … I just can’t decide on that one.

If you could pick someone to be your musical mentor who would you pick?

Cory: Dave Grohl, a genius in my opinion.

Ash: another tough one, would have to be Mr Geddy Lee.

Keryn: I think I'd have to say Paul McCartney. What he doesn't know about music isn't really worth knowing!

Rob: Don Henley

Archie: Dave Grohl definitely that guys just incredible.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve been given?

Keryn: Make sure whatever you do makes you happy first. If other people like it too then it's a bonus!! Oh and you will never please everyone so don’t dwell on the negative comments about you. Use them as motivation!

Cory: Keep going, no matter what happens keep it going. Mistakes are learnt from.

Ash: don’t become an accountant, my maths isn’t my forte.

Rob: Never under sell yourself and always know your worth.

Archie: I've been given plenty of great advice over the years. But the best piece of advice that really stuck with me is don't be afraid to put yourself out there if you're passionate about what you do then be proud and own it..

Thanks for chatting to us today chaps it was lovely!

Find zacthelocust online:

Catch them live:

December 8th – The Snooks, Bargoed

December 22nd – Wyndham, Ogmore Vale

December 29th – Dolls House, Abertillery


January 1st – Coedely club

January 20th – Queens Head, Monmouth

February 16th – The Duke, Neath

March 6th – Bunkhouse, Swansea

May 10th – EJs, Llanelli

May 25th – Fuel, Cardiff

Watch the video for 'Hold On'

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