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Interview with Segmentia

Pop Metal band Segmentia released their EP 'Alone' a few months ago and we absolutely love the track 'Save Me' from the EP.

We sat down with the band recently for a quick chinwag.

1. Introduce yourself and tell us what you do in the band?

I’m Jere, the drummer, and the songwriter of pop metal band Segmentia.

2. Tell us a little about your band, how you got together and the story behind the name if there is one.

Segmentia started as a cover band, around 2012, maybe? At some point I thought that it would be cool to start making my own music again after a few years brake. 2019 was the year for first release of Segmentia, EP called Shanghai. During the years the lineup has changed quite a few times and it took a very long time before things could start to really move forward, but now we are finally stirring the pot seriously. In our music we are combining several different music styles to metal. Those differences are like segments, so that is Segmentia! 3.Tell us a bit about your latest single, what’s the story behind the song?

Our latest single from our new EP Alone is called “Save Me”. That song tells a story of a strong person who we all know that person is always around, helping others and giving it all until the day comes that they are the one breaking down under the pressure, needing help from others.

4.What is your writing process like? Do you start with lyrics and then come up with a melody or is it the other way round?

I usually start with the melodies and rhythms. Nowadays I start writing a song and when it is formed, I listen to it and try to understand what the song wants to tell about. After that I come up with the lyrics. Of course, the process can be different between songs, but most often it goes like that.

5.What bands were you listening to when you were writing this release? Do you think it had an effect on the end sound?

Some of these songs has been written many years ago! f.e. Save Me and Fame & Fortune are 10-year-old songs now, so those had to wait quite a long time to be released. From these five tracks Fighter is newest, and I wrote it on plane when we flew to Tenerife on a holiday with my wife. I think that in those times I listened to a lots of bands like Thirty Seconds to Mars, Paramore, Porcupine Three, Devin Townsend just to mention a few. But did the music listening have an influence on Segmentia’s music? If so, it had to be a subconscious thing.

6. You have a music video to go along with this single, what is the story behind that, was it fun to make?

We made a music video to the songs “Forget Me” and “Save Me”. During that time we didn’t have a bass player, so we couldn’t make band videos. That is the reason why we decided to put only our vocalist Kansana on the screen. Forget Me video is the one that me & Kansana made from scratch with iPhone. That turned out to be visually quite nice work of melancholic art! Kansana's fellow cultural management students produced the music video for Save Me. That was a challenging yet exciting process for our singer because of the arctic conditions of Finnish spring.

7. What can you tell us about the album that the song has come from?

Alone EP includes 5 pop metal songs. The common theme between these songs is an individual’s personal power; finding it and trying to live with it. Musically one can find Segmentia's essence within these songs. Catchy melodies, playing around with different genres and styles. This EP's production has led us into the core of Segmentia and its own style and appearance. After this process we finally know the path, we are walking with this band!

8. What would people be surprised to know about you?

Hmm, hard to say! Something that might not be so visible is that we are quite sentimental and philosophic people. Oh and even though we live here in Finland, we haven’t ever visited Santa Claus in Lappi.

9. Do you have any shows coming up that we should get ourselves along to?

For now we are playing live only in Finland, but we hope to get abroad as soon as possible!

Thanks for chatting with us today Jere.

Find Segmentia online

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