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Interview with......... Pump5

Pump5 is true California rock n' roll!

The band has recently released new single 'Make Me' taken from the album "Paradise Place'

We were lucky enough to have a quick chat with them all recently!

Hi Guys, thanks for chatting to us, appreciate you all talking to us today!

Introduce yourself and tell us what you do in the band?

How’s it, I’m Steven Todd Barnett, lead vocals and guitar. Hi, Andre Bonter, drums. Hello, Drew Cates on bass. Hi ya, Alex Kane, lead guitar.

Tell us a little about your band, how you got together and the story behind the name if there is one.

We got together like most bands, a dude knows a dude and we start a jam. The origin of PUMP5...there was a dog that was left at a well-travelled gas station, either on purpose or by accident. It being the faithful animal that dogs are, I thought the owner would return. It stayed at gas pump #5 day and night, waiting for its master, who never came. We were so consumed with this animal that we named our band after it—PUMP5.

Tell us a bit about your latest single, what’s the story behind the song?

Well, this song has all the overtones of a struggling band that is fighting the music business battles.

What is your writing process like? Do you start with lyrics and then come up with a melody or is it the other way round?

It really just depends on that day's approach, sometimes the melody strikes first, others, a lyric will inspire a killer melody.

What bands were you listening to when you were writing this release? Do you think it had an effect on the end sound?

Absolutely! The entire lifelong culmination of music influences can be heard in our music. Every thing from Cheap Trick, Led Zeppelin to John Waite and the Babys.

You have a music video to go along with this single, what is the story behind that, was it fun to make?

Yes we do, it was set in an old glass grow house that had been the residence of field mice. Quite dusty, but we had a smashing time!

What can you tell us about the release that the song has come from?

Paradise Place—we couldn’t be more proud of this record. It has depth and strength, and sonically—it’s an ass-kicker!

What would people be surprised to know about you?

That I’m a huge sports fan! Diehard Kansas City Chiefs, baby!

Do you have any shows coming up that we should get ourselves along to?

Yes, we have an upcoming tour that is posted on our Facebook page:

8/31 - Denver CO - HQ

9/1 - Omaha NE - Beach House

9/2. - Janesville WI - Back Bar

9/3 - Brodhead WI - Minihaha

9/6 - Kingston Ontario Canada - Overtime bar

9/7 - Toronto Canada - The Rock Pile

9/8 - Detroit MI - Diesel Lounge

9/9 - Saginaw MI - Hamilton St Pub

9/10 - Rockford IL - Whiskeys Roadhouse

Thanks for chatting to us, I love the story of the band name and I hope the dog is ok!

Find Pump5 online:

Check out the video for 'Make Me'

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