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Drunken Logic releases new single 'Rounding Up'

Drunken Logic has always been a balancing act -- between indie rock, piano and guitar pop, and Americana music, as well as personal truths, scathing wit, and the search for empathy.

Fronted by Jake Cassman the award-winning project has just released a brand new single called 'Rounding Up'

The track, says Jake 'is about the world of 21st-century dating, what are you willing to let go of - and what are you willing to embrace - when toxic masculinity runs rampant in the mentality of those you're pursuing?'

'Rounding Up' takes a Third Eye Blind approach sonically while lyrically asking us those questions about the current dating scene from a male eye, where dating is a minefield and none of us are wearing enough protection. Always looking for something better - and never finding it - becomes the crisis of self'

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