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Buffalo NY-based metalcore band, Hollow Crown release 'Disconnect'

Buffalo NY-based metalcore band, Hollow Crown, has just released their highly anticipated debut single, "Disconnect", on March 24th. The song tackles the difficult subject of the initial stage of trauma survival, where disconnection is a common response. With powerful lyrics and a hard-hitting sound, "Disconnect" is just the first step in a five-song journey through the stages of grief. Hollow Crown's unique blend of metalcore and emotional lyrics are sure to captivate listeners and leave them eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this emotional journey.

According to lead singer Anthony Potenza:

The whole thing is personal, when me and my brother Timothy (Drums) were young teenagers our mom walked out on us. That's a tough situation no matter what age you are, but I didn't have to just deal with it on my end, I had to witness Timothy being my younger brother lose faith in trusting people because his world at the time got shattered. Over the years he tried to have a relationship with her and she treated him like an object to brag about and try to "own". We eventually had enough and cut all communication and ties. In the end I'd say is it's a story of hope”

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