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What I'm Listening to with LEAF

Formed in the early 90s, grunge band LEAF have lived and learnt through the music scene. Having created a reputation for being a solid live act, they also write insanely catchy melodies that will be stuck in your head for days.

With all that experience who better to have a chat with about music in general than guitarist and vocalist, Colin.

What was the last song you listened to?

Frenzy by Iggy Pop all the way through, or was it the new Miley Cyrus? Don’t tell the rest of the band they will lynch me.

Do you listen to your own songs when you’re driving or working out?

Sometimes. It seems a bit self-indulgent to listen to one’s own tunes. I do it lots when driving when assessing a mix, but occasionally I will stick a track or two on to see how we compare – favorably or not! I know other bands that have their stuff on repeat to get their counts up on various platforms –that is a bit lame!

You’re in a club or venue and one of your tracks comes on what do you do?

It happened the first time back in 1999 when I heard one of my tracks played at a Dallas Stars (ice hockey) match. Sandwiched between G&R and AC/DC, I thought that I recognized the opening riff and I did. I stood up shouting “This is me” and everyone thought I was a nutter with my English accent and sort of leaned away, with a slightly worried look on their faces. I don’t do clubs anymore as a punter, but it always a buzz when a tune comes on at a venue – although we have to ask for them most of the time!

What music most comes to mind when you think of growing up?

AC/DC on cassette. I was blown away by the honesty and grittiness of it all and the love of the early Bon Scott stuff has never left me, even when I dressed like a goth/glam boy/grunger. Stuff with Brian Johnson can be good, but it is a bit patchy and his lyrics make me wince in embarrassment on occasion.

What are you listening to at the moment that we should check out?

Wakrat, but that is a rediscovered old one. Some Pulled Apart by Horses stuff and the new Iggy album. I have just got the drummer Mark into Turnstile –hooray, he is blown away. I just listen to lots of stuff. Most listened to artist on Spotify is The Blinders (just checked), cool, saw them years ago when they were very raw.

What one song instantly makes you smile when you hear it?

1049 Gotho by Idles. It shouldn’t make me smile, but it just connects. Smile is not something that I do very often really, because I am right miserable bastard.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Doner kebabs after a gig. It has become something of an addiction and it probably isn’t something that I should own up to as I try to be vegetarian. I like meat, but don’t like the thought of slow gut transit and colon issues. I want to be making music when I am very old.

What album do you always listen to all the way through?

I really do not have the time or patience to listen to any album all the way through any more. I am far too fidgety (it drives people mad). I didn’t used to be like that, I zoned out listening to the production and stuff, but with all that music out there I just keep dipping and flipping to the next track. To be completely fair, the internet has ruined me. The last one completely was Glow On by Turnstile, but that was because my phone was dead and someone had loaned me the CD (old skool).

What track would you like to cover?

Teardrop by Massive Attack. What an absolutely belting song. We want to have a go at the dynamics, (we love dynamics) and add our level of heaviness and attack to something hauntingly beautiful. That or Agadoo.

LEAF are:

Colin Anderson - Guitars and Vocals

Dan Smith - Bass

Jarad Bryan - Lead Guitar and Vocals

Mark Connolly - Drums and Vocals

Find the band online:

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