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What I'm Listening to with...... Dogboy

New York City’s Dogboy, splashed onto the indie rock scene with a huge catalog of original songs and near-constant gigs throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. Mixing influences from classics like Arctic Monkeys and the Strokes along with new age flair akin to Jean Dawson and Briston Maroney, Dogboy connects with audiences and listeners on a visceral level.

The band has just released “Rush”, the 3rd single from the bands eponymous EP.

The track is about the emotional gravity partners hold over each other. How do you escape the monster, think you are in the clear, and out of nowhere life crashes in and you find yourself back in it, deeper than ever. Produced by Kit Conway of Del Water Gap, Rush is a ripper of a track that will have you dancing and singing along!

We caught up with the band recently to chat all things music!

What was the last song you listened to? Dogboy: “The Nursing Home Jig” by Mary Shelley, great NYC band we look up to. They just got back from a tour in the UK, hyped to see them perform in Brooklyn again. Yobgod: “Cherry Blue Intention” by Special Interest, the bassline is an immediate epinephrine shot to the dome. Do you listen to your own songs when you’re driving or working out? Dogboy: Driving for sure, because we’re typically with friends and it's great to have everyone singing along. Yobgod: Less so when driving or working out, but before a big meeting or important task, I find listening to our stuff hypes me up and gets me focused to “perform.” You’re in a club or venue and one of your tracks comes on. What do you do? Dogboy: I find it really difficult to not start jumping up and down. So you can find me on the dancefloor, smiling like an idiot. Yobgod: Pour a beer in my pants. I feel blessed that I’ve done this on multiple occasions. What were you listening to when you were 13? Dogboy: We all lived on a steady diet of Arctic Monkeys throughout our lives, but at 13 “Favourite Worst Nightmare” was just released. I think I cried listening to “505” for the first time. I just wanted that feeling, wanted to take 7 hour flights to new places, wanted to feel that level of intimacy with someone. Yobgod: I am a huge Motion City Soundtrack fan, I actually wrote Justin Pierre a letter in middle school and he wrote me back (I’ll cherish you forever Justin). “Commit this to Memory” had just come out so I had “Everything is Alright” playing at all times. Honorable mentions: Pepper and Sublime. Blink-182 was always on repeat. We were all Fuse and MTV2 babies, so lots of RHCP, The Killers, Crystal Castles, AFI, The Used, Coheed and Cambria, The Starting Line, Cartel, and so much Say Anything. Yellowcard, Flyleaf, and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are all from my hometown of Jacksonville, FL so they were hometown faves. What are you listening to at the moment that we should check out? Dogboy: “Fear of Heights” by Been Stellar, we know them from our favorite post practice/show bar Donnybrook in NYC. They’re really making a name for themselves and we’re all incredibly proud of them. Yobgod: “good night” by Party Girl. Party Girl is another Brooklyn-based band and really helped us get off the ground and start gigging. They’ve got everything you could want; impeccable style, next-level instrumentation, sax, violin, the whole shebang. Hoping to do a show with them this summer. What one song instantly makes you smile when you hear it? Dogboy: “Freaking out on the Interstate” by Briston Maroney. We cover this from time to time so between memories of performing the song, and just the song itself always makes me smile. Yobgod: “Kristen on the Side'' by Willi Carlisle. Incredible storytelling, an unparalleled voice. Willi Carlisle is a gift to this Earth. What is your guilty pleasure? Dogboy: The band is not a guilty pleasure, but sometimes early Rivers Cuomo lyrics are objectively cringey, “Pink Triangle” by Weezer has been on repeat recently. Song bags, just the lyrics didn’t age well. Yobgod: There’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure. Own your desires. But that said, Chappell Roan will be one of the greatest pop artists of our generation. “Naked in Manhattan” always hits. What album do you always listen to all the way through? Dogboy: “God Save the Animals” by Alex G. Great for flights or long drives, I listen to this and always come away with new ideas for songs. Yobgod: “The Midnight Organ Fight'' by Frightened Rabbit. Scott Hutchison is my hero and a huge influence on our song writing. This is my favorite album of all time. What track would you like to cover? Dogboy: We’ve been trying to nail a cover of “Alive with the Glory of Love” by Say Anything, would love that to come together. Yobgod: Paul came up with this bassline while we were jamming one time that somehow blended perfectly with “Get Busy” by Sean Paul. Definitely not our typical vibe but hot damn would it be fun to perform. What track do you wish you had written? Dogboy: Our latest song writing exercise is to write a banger 2.5 minute song. “Borderline Insane” by matilda mann and spill tab captures this perfectly. Give em a riff, make em jump, and bash the everliving panache out of the drums. This song slaps. Yobgod: Honestly, “F2F'' by SZA. We heard it for the first time and were immediately envious. Like how did pop-punk just get bodied by SZA and Lizzo? The talent to seamlessly genre-bend and just rip had me in awe. Call me SZA.

Thanks for chatting with us today!!

Find Dogboy online:

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