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Thousand Thoughts - Better Than Never - Album Review

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Thousand Thoughts were one of our favourite lockdown discoveries and the first band we went to see as soon as gigs were a thing again.

The bands consistency to release music that not only sounds impressive but with such depth and honestly lyrically is what makes these guys so special.

This album is one that was much anticipated in the POTR HQ.

We were not disappointed.

Better Than Never is 12 tracks of Thousand Thoughts at their best.

Having released quite a few singles and EP's over the years I was really impressed to see that this is an album of entirely new music.

It opens with Mixtape - more of a skit than a track it's reminiscent of 21 Pilots.

Continuing with Undone, which shows the heavier side of TT, this is the perfect opener showing what is to come.

This album is an absolute juggernaut taking you on a journey through the bands diverse and eclectic sounds. Sometimes electronic, sometimes metal, sometimes hip hop and I love that about them.

Latest single Circles sits perfectly within this collection with its instantly sing-a-long chorus.

Rollercoaster is probably one of my favourite tracks on the album which shows a more mellow side to the band and sits perfectly in the middle of the album and features Daigo Jam

‘Rollercoaster’ is a song about uncertainty, being aware that the road is bumpier than it probably should be but also feeling clueless as to when things will start smoothening out a little.

Daigo Jax coming onto the track and dropping a verse was a last minute idea, as we were in the final stages of recording the vocals for the album. He writes quick, but every word is carefully considered and fits perfectly. Always an absolute pleasure to work with Daigo.” says Ethan.

As with all of the releases so far there is a consistent theme of mental health throughout the lyrics on Better Than Never and none more apparent than on Burnin Up a song that is probably the heaviest on the album.. Written as an honest account of suicidal thoughts and feeling lower than low, Tracks like this and the bands ability and want to write about these so openly are why these guys are so important. The message that it's okay to not be okay, that there are others who feel like you do if you're struggling and that there is hope.

Tunnel is another of my favourites on the album. It has so many different sounds and I love that. It's starts off as an almost 80s throwback and then all of a sudden you could be listening to The Prodigy, leads into some ethereal lyrics and then gets heavier! It's a complete journey through their genre-bending style and I love that.

You can hear influence from so many of my favourite bands on this from Linkin Park to Papa Roach and even some pop sounds, this is definitely going to mark them as one of the most exciting bands of their generation.

I've had this on repeat since it was released and I have no doubt that it will be one of my albums of the year..

'Better Than Never; is out now. and available on all streaming services.

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