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Our Mirage release new album Eclipse andrelease video for title track

Photo Credit:Kathi Sterl

Eclipse out now via Arising Empire

"composed confidently, professionally produced and performed in an appealing manner."


German post-hardcore quartet Our Mirage have released their brand new album Eclipse, out today (25th November) via Arising Empire. Eclipse completes the band's album trilogy, following previous full-lengths Unseen Relations and Lifeline.

Hailing from Germany, Our Mirage hit your feelings deep. From their ambient music to poignant lyrics that really strike a nerve, this young group are becoming known for the emotion that they pour into their music.

On their 2020 album Unseen Relations, released via Arising Empire, Our Mirage delved deeper, using their intuition to focus on relatable problems and struggles that we deal with on a regular basis. The band's new album Eclipse explores self-discovery, viewing the process as a rudimentary and obligatory part of human life.

Our Mirage online

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