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Masked alternative group Inkakai release latest single 'Drown'

Hailing from the US, Japan and Finland, Inkakai have worked with Steve Vai, Max Martin and Lordi. They've won the Best Nordic Song award with Ana Johnsson (Spiderman 2), featured in two movies and released "Most Played Songs of the Year".

The Japanese-American band members are anonymous and wear black katanas, masks and hooded clothing with red fire symbols. All this is done to represent the meaning of the new name ? ? ? INKAKAI (shadow, fire, society). In keeping members anonymous, Inkakai wanted to keep the focus on the music rather than on individual band members. Since their inception, they have cited Star Wars and sci-fi as a huge artistic influence. The masks not only keep members anonymous, but also align with their core visual and musical vision.

We absolutely LOVE this track here, check out the video below!

Find the band on social media:

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