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Interview with.... Into The Light

New York-based rockers Into the Light released their second single 'Bridge' last week.

We sat down with vocalist/guitarist, Adam for a quick chat about the track.

Hi Adam, Thanks for chatting with us today,

Introduce yourself and tell us what you do in the band?

My name is Adam Vernick, and I sing and play guitar.

Tell us a little about your band, how you got together and the story behind the name if there is one.

I’ve always wanted to do a band with my brother Mike (our drummer - technically step-brother). I called Mike up shortly after I moved back to Rochester, pitched him the idea, and he was down to try it out. After playing together a few times, I had the idea to call up Rob to play guitar who I’d never gotten to play in a band with before I moved away to Seattle. Jay and I used to play in hardcore bands in the mid 2000’s, and we asked him to play bass a few weeks later. Jay and I also play together in Bad Bloom. The band’s name comes from a Siouxsie and the Banshees song.

Tell us a bit about your latest single, what’s the story behind the song?

Bridge is pretty much about going against the grain, and not allowing others to define you or paint you into a corner. I like the idea of people defining lyrics for themselves, but that’s the basic theme.

What is your writing process like? Do you start with lyrics and then come up with a melody or is it the other way round?

For me, the music and the melody usually comes first. Writing lyrics is usually the last piece of the process, and I like to see where the music takes the lyrics.

What bands were you listening to when you were writing this release? Do you think it had an effect on the end sound?

I think like most people, I’m usually listening to a few different things according to my mood. That said, I was probably listening to Quicksand, Catherine Wheel, Helmet, and Ride most when I was coming up with the riffs for Bridge. Those bands definitely had an effect on the sound. The way that Mike drums, I wanted to try something a bit heavier and more bombastic than what I’d been doing in the more shoegaze style band I’d been playing in before the pandemic.

What can you tell us about the release that the song has come from?

We decided to put out a 2 song single for this first release, which features 'Bridge', as well as our very first single, 'Manuscript'. The songs are most definitely quite a bit different from one another, but together provide a picture of the variety of influences we collectively have, and the sound we're aiming for overall.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I have 4 pairs of Air Maxes, and I’ve watched the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer at least 8 times.

Do you have any shows coming up that we should get ourselves along to?

We just played our first show in May of this year, and we’re actively working on booking more as we speak.

Thanks for chatting with us Adam.

Find Into The Light Online:

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